Kerana dunia bukan milik kita...

Niat yang ikhlas memastikan langkah sentiasa tepat

Matlamat yang jelas memastikan semangat sentiasa kuat

Kerana mati syaratnya bukanlah tua...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

diary of a wimpy kid

Assalamualaikum readers and hello.

hey, i wanna tell you something. i just finished reading THE DIARY OF A WIMPY KID novel. haha. what's a hilarious novel you know.

i own this novel. i wanna collect all the collections of this novel. yeah, i know this novel has been a long published, but i don't mind!

 the novel of diary of wimpy kid has also been adapted for movie..

i am utterly convinced that all of you have been watching it. but, i'm not. ouh! how pity i am !

here i show you some pages of the diary of wimpy kid novel. it is really really cute, awesome!

 this is the last page. :D
Rowley ate the mouldy and nasty cheese that has been sitting on the basketball court for a long time there. yucks~

oh yah! THIS is the official website of wimpy kid.

wanna wimp yourself? like this???

CLICK HERE to wimp yourself.

check it out!

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